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Training Plans: Ultimate

Intended for the serious athlete who desires the ultimate level of personal interaction, feedback, scientific training, and coaching support. Athlete will be contacted daily to gauge progress and make necessary changes to the training program.

Ultimate Plan at a Glance:
Personalized 4 week training program
Customized daily workouts based on your goals, time constraints, current fitness level, and analysis of pervious training files
Daily analysis of training files including wattage/power/GPS files
Workouts created based on HR, Wattage & PPM
Wattage and HR zones completed and updated regularly
Sub-maximal power testing done weekly to chart progress
Unlimited phone consultations
Unlimited emails
Nutritional supplement information
Weight lifting integration
Mental and emotional peak performance training
Weekly progress reports
Free AT & VO2 testing
Technique training
Peaking for major events
Race Strategies
Specific Drills
2 Personal Training sessions per 4 weeks if applicable
Use of Training Peaks web services including download analysis, log, updates, scheduling, and much more!
  Cost: $499.00 per month
Pyramid programs are based on 28 day (4 week) training cycles. 3 month commitment required (12 weeks).  Payments must be received prior to beginning a new training schedule.  Pyramid Coaching requires 4 weeks advanced notice prior to cancellation of coaching services.